IMA Webinar Broadcast: Talking about “Critical” in Critical Infrastructure with Tom Drucker

Tom Drucker will discuss how criticality is perceived and addressed in Homeland Security and emergency management. The goal is to help participants understand and better communicate about Critical Infrastructure because understanding criticality can be defined as; determining what is of the greatest importance to the way things might happen. When discussing critical infrastructure, we are […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Operation CuckooBees

Cybersecurity often focuses on malware campaigns, the latest zero-day exploits, or the costs of data breaches and ransomware attacks. Yet the attacks that fly under the radar are often more insidious and much more costly. Researchers at Cybereason discovered such an attack, which was assessed to be the work of Chinese APT Winnti. Cybereason briefed […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: 2022 Healthcare Fraud Summit

We return to a hybrid format for the 4th annual Healthcare Fraud Summit. Federal Agents, prosecutors, and other experts from the FBI, the US Attorney’s Office, and the private sector will share current trends, red flags, and other invaluable information for fraud prevention stakeholders in the healthcare industry. Attendees will learn about: the top fraud […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Video Deep Fakes & the Inherent Risks by Malign Actors

Since the first deepfake in 2017, there have been many developments in deepfake and related-synthetic media technologies. When people think of a deepfake, they commonly think of a video like the one of Bill Hader transforming into Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Pacino and Seth Rogan on David Letterman’s show in 2019. These are examples […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Infrastructure Liaison Officer (ILO) Training Class

The Infrastructure Liaison Officer (ILO) course has a history of Homeland Security success going back nearly fifteen years, combining the best practices and content specifically tailored to the InfraGard community and keeping our country safe from terrorism and other threats. It’s about seeing something and saying something, but also about recognizing that something is wrong […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC): OSINT Methods & Use Cases

Note: The FBI will also offer a special presentation on their investigative work involving Internet Crimes Against Children. This class will introduce the audience to Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC), case studies, some of the OSINT tools used in investigation, and what tools are being found during the analysis process. Staff within criminal justice and […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: NUARI – Cyber and Emergency Preparedness Exercises

NUARI: Cyber and Emergency Preparedness Exercises. Since 2009, DHS Science & Technology Directorate has invested roughly $35 million into a unique simulation environment called, The DECIDE® Platform. It was created specifically for Critical Infrastructure companies and organizations. It has been a trusted solution for more than a decade with funding from DHS to execute no-cost […]

The Homeland Security Enterprise Forum

The Salamander Resort 500 N Pendleton St, Middleburg, VA

Presented by The Homeland Security Experts Group, an INMA Partner Registration is open for the 2022 Homeland Security Enterprise Forum, and this year's theme is 'Security Through Partnership.’ Thoughtfully produced and incredibly engaging, the Forum assembles the most prominent leaders in the homeland security enterprise space, showcasing how it is truly cross-disciplinary, spanning civilians, the […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Digital Currencies – An Introduction & the Threat Landscape

Infragard LA and CTWatch present the following course: What are cryptocurrencies, how are they used, what are they based on, and are they a threat to national security? This course will introduce the audience to cryptocurrency, its pros and cons, its uses, and will discuss the nefarious utilization by organized threat groups. We will explore […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: FBI Quarterly – The Dark Side of Virtual Currency

Virtual currencies are virtually everywhere. While not inherently dangerous, as virtual currencies continue to become more globally accepted, so do opportunities for nefarious actors to exploit them for “dark” purposes. Attendees will be provided details about the global landscape of virtual currencies, be able to understand emerging threats, learn about specific scams utilizing virtual currency […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: CISAs Mission and Available No-Cost Cybersecurity Resources

An overview of CISAs mission and available no-cost cybersecurity resources in support to our nation’s critical infrastructure. Presenters:  George Reeves, Cybersecurity Advisor, CISA George Reeves is a Cybersecurity Advisor with DHS’ Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. In his position, Mr. Reeves works to foster collaboration and coordination on cyber preparedness, risk mitigation and incident response, […]