IMA Webinar Broadcast: Autonomous Vehicles – No Longer the Stuff of Science Fiction

The consensus is that autonomous vehicles (AVs) will reduce crashes and save lives, but there are numerous unanswered questions about legal liability, insurance coverage for crashes, and governmental regulation. AVs have already failed, and they will continue to fail. When AVs fail, who will get sued, and what causes of action will be alleged? Presenter: […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Ukraine Update & Global Threat Overview

This is another in our FREE series of Ukraine and Global Threat updates. This a very topical presentation on what is happening with the War in Ukraine, that includes battlefield and weapons developments, international implications, Russian events and how this is impacting the supply chain, United States and global economy. It then expands to cover […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: FBI Quarterly – Special Investigative Teams

This event is presented by Los Angeles Infragard and the FBI. Course Description: Special investigations require special skills, knowledge, or techniques to successfully complete. FBI Special Agents will provide a background on their special team and present on some of their unique case studies. Presentations Include: Cyber crimes The investigating Special Agent will provide a […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Password Cracking from an Attacker’s Perspective

Breached password data is regarded as the gold standard for password attacks. Wordlists like Rockyou have earned a staple position within offensive security for their effectiveness. This leaves an opportunity for innovation within the password-cracking scene for utilizing data to gain additional insight into how users set their passwords and best use them to compromise […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Dangers of an EMP Attack on Critical Infrastructure

Recognizing an EMP event presents catastrophic threats to the nation’s critical infrastructure with Thomas Strickland. Join Thomas Strickland, President and CEO of Hyper Critical Infrastructure, as he discusses the danger of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) events. Topics will include their projected likelihood, potential impact, and strategies and solutions to mitigate their effects. What would you do […]

INMA Partner Broadcast: CISO Developed Tools – A Review of 5 Tools Built by CISOs

Collaboration has become a vital strategy for CISOs to help implement effective security practices, tools, and technologies. Through the confidential sharing of experiences, best practices, policies, and tools, the Cybersecurity Collaborative continues to be an important strategic resource for CISOs and their staffs. During this briefing, speakers will discuss the key challenges facing today’s CISOs […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Overseas Personal Security and Travel Awareness Training for Private Sector Personnel

*This course is eligible for 4 ASIS CPE credits InfraGard Los Angeles and CT Watch, Inc. present Overseas Personal Security and Travel Awareness Training for Private Sector Personnel. This class will also feature a special presentation by the FBI Hostage Rescue Fusion Cell. This training focuses on preparing corporate and private sector employees who travel […]

CANCELED – IMA Webinar Broadcast: The Journey to Become a Modern CISO

3/21 UPDATE: CANCELED  Marc will discuss the journey to become a Modern CISO and what it takes to get there. Marc will discuss certifications and education requirements while debating their relevance. He will discuss the career trajectory and paths one may take to be considered for a CISO role. Additionally, Marc will discuss career points […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Facility Security – Risks of Technology Reliance and Recommendations to Harden Your Perimeter

Our speakers will discuss aspects of facility security, highlighting techniques that bad actors may use to defeat technology-based security measures such as card readers and ways to mitigate risks associated with technology reliance. They will also include suggested practices to evaluate and harden the security perimeter of a facility. Presenter: Babak Javadi, Director of Research […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Hacking Multi Factor Authentication

Presentation 1: This presentation will demonstrate modern techniques attackers are using to bypass security controls such as compromising accounts with multi-factor authentication and evasion of email security controls shown from real incidents. Also included will be a live demonstration of a phishing toolkit (EvilGinx2) which can bypass multi-factor authentication using cookie theft commonly used in […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Insider Threat – Corporate Espionage & Theft of Intellectual Property

Insider Threat risks are real and have become more and more prevalent in critical infrastructure sectors. In this course we will cover corporate espionage and theft of intellectual property threats - one of the biggest threats to the United States of America. Nation states are now weaponizing traditional spy tradecraft in furtherance of their economic […]