BLOCKCHAIN 101: The Benefits and Unknowns

Presenters: Liam McGrail, FBI Special Agent Liam McGrail is assigned to the FBI El Paso Field Office, Alpine Resident Agency . His previous work includes white collar, cyber, virtual currency, and fraud cases. Who Can Attend: Open only to vetted InfraGard members. Registration:

IMA Webinar Broadcast: DIY Cyber Security Maturity Model

Please join Michael Farnum as he takes us on the journey of building and maturing our own enterprise security program. Michael will share his best practices and tips based on his many years of experience as a seasoned cyber security consultant. He will share his Do's and Don’ts and provide an effective and efficient methodology […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Digital Currencies: An Introduction & the Threat Landscape

Infragard LA and CTWatch present the following course:***Note this class eligible for 4 ASIS CPE credits. This course will include a briefing by the FBI on the “Threats & Risks Associated with the Normalization of Cryptocurrency.” What are cryptocurrencies, how are they used, what are they based on, and are they a threat to national […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: CyberCamp for Adults

InfraGardNCR is excited to announce our the launch of our CyberCamp for Adults! Come join us for an enlightening opportunity to learn more about cybersecurity. You do not need to be an InfraGard member to attend. The course will meet 4 times, from 630pm - 930pm ET, on October 7, October 21, November 4, and […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Level 4 – Sources & Content

Infragard LA and CTWatch present the following course eligible for 4 ASIS CPE credits: Building on Levels 1 to 3, this course leverages some abstract techniques to collect OSINT. Ranging from observing the weather on a particular day to using code to read what is said, this aims to assist in cases where the language […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: 2021 Healthcare Fraud Summit (Two Days)

InfraGard Birmingham Members Alliance and the FBI Birmingham Division invite you to the 3rd Annual Alabama Healthcare Fraud Summit, on line for two full days of unique education and networking, plus a bonus day to watch the sessions on demand. Read details here: This year's Summit is FREE to attend and features 16 presenters, […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Jack Barsky – KGB and my life as an Undercover Agent; plus an FBI Counterintelligence Briefing

This presentation will provide an overview of the KGB, the fall of the USSR, the KGBs successor organizations, and modern Russia. Mr. Barsky will describe his recruitment into the KGB and examples of what it was like to be the ultimate Insider Threat as an undercover Illegal. Mr.Barsky will provide his perspective on currently cybersecurity […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: A Look at CISA Programs to Help Small Business Cybersecurity

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has created services and programs for small and medium business leaders that are designed help organizations who have little to no IT staff. As a follow up to our session with Bradford Willke, Senior Advisor to the Director at CISA, Jen Easterly, Steve Mancini will join us to […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Digital Exhaust

InfraGard LA and CTWatch present the following course: ***Note this class eligible for 4 ASIS CPE credits. This course identifies possible adversaries and the techniques that they use against us to learn more about us in an effort to use our own data as a weapon. Through this course, we will discuss possible adversaries, motives, […]

WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Webinar: Defending Against Denial of Service Attacks

Attacks aimed at knocking websites and services offline are as old as the internet itself and yet they remain a threat. While some industries are more likely to be attacked than others, hackers, criminals and even nation states have developed --or rent-- the capability to target anything connected to the internet and disruptive attacks lasting […]