IMA Webinar Broadcast: Overlooked Consequences of Counterfeiting

Our webinar will cover the serious consequences of the international trade of counterfeit products. Bruce Foucart, who has had a full career with US Customs, DHS – Homeland Security Investigations/Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and now with Foucart and Associates Inc. will fully explain how counterfeit goods effect the global economy, their health and safety […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Big Game Hunting and Big Stakes Results — What Directors, Officers and IT really need to know about

NY Metro InfraGard presents this updated panel discussion moderated by our own Director, Paul Ferrillo. Given that there remain so many misconceptions about the efficacy of cyber insurance, we feel it is time to correct them. We'll discuss the cybersecurity ecosystem today, the problems you are seeing, and what, in your (the carrier’s) view, clients […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Supply Chain Conversation

Join a CISO and former developer as the have a frank conversation about Supply Chain attacks. They will cover some lessons learned on SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline from their two respective viewpoints. Presenters: James Cooper, Managing Director, National Oilwell Varco James Cooper is Managing Director at NOV. With 15 years of cyber experience, James enjoys […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Protecting Our Houses of Worship

Acts of violence can occur at any House of Worship and can impact members of every faith. Whether targeted specifically to the house of worship or the result of carryover from another event, preparation is the key to protecting the house of worship and its members. This webinar will address the types of violence that […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Food Defense: Securing the Food Sector – Threats & Vulnerabilities

What is Food Defense? Food Defense is the prevention of both intentional and unintentional contamination of the food supply. The FBI works with its State, Local, Tribal, and Food Sector Private Industry Partners to attempt to reduce vulnerability to intentional contamination, helping to investigate and mitigate the effects of intentional adulteration. Why target the food […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Level 1 – Fundamentals of OSINT

Infragard Los Angeles and CT Watch, Inc. present Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Level 1 – Fundamentals of OSINT. Due to popular demand, we are proud to restart the 6 part sequence, the “6 Levels of OSINT” which will address the core fundamentals behind open-source information (OSIF) and open-source intelligence (OSINT). If you missed any of the […]

Digital Forensics Cyber Camp

InfraGardNCR is hosting a week-long, virtual cyber camp in digital forensics for high schoolers. Hours are 10am to 3pm daily. You need not be a member of the NCR chapter in order for your child to attend. Objectives: Students will learn the following: -Python programming -Windows PowerShell -Windows operating system from the command line perspective […]


Ransomware attacks are becoming more targeted, sophisticated and costly, as evidenced by the highly publicized attacks of modern times. With the rapid increase in ransomware attacks against private sector companies, the FBI is making these investigations a top priority. InfraGard San Diego’s ransomware tabletop exercise is an essential training event that will equip InfraGard members […]

Whole of Nation Response to Ransomware

Public-private partnership to support national security and critical infrastructure resiliency has been touted for years, but what does it look like in action? In today’s environment, where most of our critical infrastructure is owned and operated by the private sector who must now play first responder and is responsible to defend their assets, it means […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: Active Shooter P.A.R. (Preparation-Action-Recovery) Training

Los Angeles and CTWatch, Inc. present: ActiveShooter P.A.R. (Preparation-Action-Recovery): Mass shootings are the not-so-new pandemic. In 2021 alone there have been 247 mass shootings in the United States - a record number compared to the past several years. As the world focuses all its attention on the “why”, we must focus our attention on "how" […]

IMA Webinar Broadcast: FBI SSA Farrell Provides a Presentation on FBI Milwaukee’s White Collar Crime Squad

Supervisory Special Agent Christopher Farrell will provide a presentation on FBI Milwaukee’s White Collar Crime Squad, including the various threats the squad targets. In addition to a background of the White Collar Crime squad and the investigations they work, SSA Farrell will provide a presentation on Financial Crimes to include an overview of various fraud […]