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IMA Webinar: Global Threat Update-A World of Wars

May 16 @ 9:00 am - 11:30 am PDT

The world has become increasingly unstable as Iran has now formally attacked Israel, destabilizing the Middle East in ways not seen in decades. At the same time, the Israel-Hamas war is ongoing, while new doubts have arisen over the fate of the Israeli hostages. The Houthis have been diminished but far from curtailed as they continue their attacks on international shipping. Russia maintains its offensive in Ukraine, but Europe and the World are coalescing support for Kyiv in ways almost unimaginable two years ago. In addition, the horrific terror attack in Moscow by ISIS-K has reminded everyone that threats from international terrorism are still very much real and present. Sudan’s horrific civil war continues, while Haiti and Ecuador are facing significant violence and turmoil in the Western Hemisphere. Meanwhile the South China Sea and Far East are becoming increasingly strained as the prospect of a war in the region seems to grow every day, resulting in our longtime alliances strengthening and new ones being proposed to counter the China threat. India is continuing to deal with border tensions with China as well, but this is set in the extremely high altitudes of the Himalayas, part of a longstanding area of conflict between these two nuclear powers.

Retired Marine Intelligence Officer and National Security Analyst Hal Kempfer, regularly seen on both network and local television news, will “unpack” this dangerous world of war, conflicts, terrorism, espionage, and a growing array of strategic risks.

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