Journal of Critical Infrastructure Policy

InfraGard has developed a partnership with the Journal of Critical Infrastructure Policy (JCIP) to enable high-level discussion of strategic challenges facing the nation’s critical infrastructure.

JCIP was designed to report on the complex issues facing critical infrastructure operators, security personnel, public policymakers, and others concerned about resilience of the nation’s critical infrastructure sectors. In recent issues, for example:

– InfraGard member and former National Security Council staff George Baker assesses EMP resilience of US critical infrastructure, and analyzes the threats to large transformers in our national electric power grid.

– Dave Alderson, who oversees Operations Research at the Naval Post Graduate School, argues that progress toward resilient infrastructures is falling behind the pace of events and changing threats – and the pivot needed to catch up.

– Idaho National Laboratory personnel lay out industrial control system cyberattacks since 2017 – and what needs to happen to protect the systems managing our critical infrastructure.

– Staff from the National Association of State Utility Commissioners spotlight the JCIP to protect military bases on US soil by increasing the resilience of their power supply – often provided by civilian electricity sources.

– General Guy Walsh (ret), developer of US Cyber Command, discusses challenges and opportunities in safeguarding critical infrastructure from cyberattack.

InfraGard National board member Mary Lasky, who serves on JCIP’s Editorial Board said, “Complementing other InfraGard member information sources, such as the new American Infrastructure Guardian magazine, JCIP will bring new ideas to the table. Importantly, it will seek best practices and innovations from the InfraGard membership for broader transmission to critical infrastructure professionals, practitioners and policymakers across the country.”

Richard Krieg, InfraGard member and JCIP Editor-in-Chief, said, “we’re pleased that each new JCIP issue will be provided on the InfraGard site. And we will highlight InfraGard in the Journal.” He added, “partnerships become force extenders when the core objectives of the organizations line up. That’s the case here. Given the complex threats faced by US critical infrastructure, I’m glad we’ll be working in tandem.”

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