InfraGard National Workshop Wednesdays Workshop: Employing Mitre ATT&CK for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Operators of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) like those used in the electric power substations lack the capability for active defense of their systems from cyber adversaries. In this workshop MITRE will present their ATT&CK for ICS model with associated use cases of past and recent incidents. Learning Objectives Learn how the ATT&CK for ICS framework […]


InfraGard National Workshop Wednesdays Workshop: Business Continuity Planning and Pandemics

All businesses should have a plan for emergencies including natural and man-made.  Recently, the novel coronavirus COVID-19 has heightened organizations awareness for the need of plans.  All attendees will leave with a simple plan for natural and man-made disasters as well as one for a Pandemic. Who should attend: All businesses would benefit from this […]


InfraGard National Workshop Wednesdays Workshop: Vulnerability and Remediation Tracking Management Program

What happens when the pen testers are done testing your websites? How do you track discovered vulnerabilities and weak controls once the auditors leave? How do you ensure that your organization tracks, monitors, and remediates all the discovered findings once the dust settles and things are back to day-to-day operations? For many organizations, this is […]