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IMA Webinar Broadcast: Crowd Management Training

August 3, 2021 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT

**Please note this class is worth 3 CPE credits from ASIS
LA Infragard and GRIP present the following virtual training:
Description: A trained Crowd Manager is a position that is explicitly required in NFPA 1, and referenced in many state and local fire codes, for Assembly Occupancies over 50 people. A trained Crowd Manager must know a variety of things, but their primary purpose is to assist a crowd to more effectively and safely evacuate or move away from harm’s way during an emergency, whether it is fire, flood, gas leak, active shooter, flooding, etc. At the urging of the Las Vegas convention centers and casino-resorts a few years ago, GRIP turned this requirement into an action-packed, highly informative but compact period of instruction that captures both the explicitly stated needs and fundamental intent, and has become a benchmark standard of excellence in the industry. This has been taught across the county to both public and private sector participants, for state Homeland Security offices and even working with the DHS sponsored fusion centers. Among the key elements of Crowd Manager instruction are:

• Understand lessons learned from emergency case studies
• Understand the movement scenarios of crowds and the crowd manager’s role
• Understand the crowd manager role in an active shooter scenario
• Understand the crowd manager role in fire safety, gas leak, flood and power outage scenarios
• Understand the checklist of key Items to be reviewed in a crowd event
• Understand the components of the acronym ESCAPE – Exits, Storage, Capacity, Aisles, Protection, Emergency

Following the formal Crowd Management class (the first half), we will feature a dynamic scenario driven panel discussion with some of LA Infragard’s Sector Chiefs covering potential events that they may or likely will encounter involving crowd manager roles, requirements, tactics, techniques and procedures.

Hal Kempfer, President, GRIP
With two decades as the Founder and CEO of two dynamic consulting and training firms focused on strategic risk, terrorism, intelligence, planning and all-hazards/all threats security, Hal Kempfer represents a unique ‘talent’.

Who Can Attend:
Open to anyone.