IMA Webinar Broadcast: Bank Secrecy Act/ Anti Money Laundering issues after the AMLA of 2020

Jim Phillips, former FBI SA, USAO Prosecutor, and EVP/Compliance Intelligence Officer for one of the largest super-regional banks, will discuss bank secrecy and anti-money laundering in the wake of the 2020 AMLA and other legislation.


Attendees will learn about about: changes imposed under the 2020 AMLA; what financial institutions should be doing under these new guidelines; and what financial fraud and money laundering schemes are currently trending.



Jim Phillips, Managing Direct\or for Compliance and Risk Management with Everett Advisory Partners

Jim served as the EVP/Compliance Officer for one of the South’s largest banks. Before that he spent 26 years as a prosecutor w/ the USAO Northern District of Alabama, where he concentrated in the prosecution of white collar offenses.


Who should attend:

Open to anyone. Particularly aimed toward members of the banking and financial sector, specifically those tasked with detecting, preventing, and investigating money laundering and other financial fraud. Financial officers and other stakeholders for organizations who may be victimized by or unwittingly involved in fraud.



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