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WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Webinar: Defending Against Denial of Service Attacks

October 21, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT

Attacks aimed at knocking websites and services offline are as old as the internet itself and yet they remain a threat. While some industries are more likely to be attacked than others, hackers, criminals and even nation states have developed –or rent– the capability to target anything connected to the internet and disruptive attacks lasting hours or days can follow.

Join us to hear more about the industries most likely to be targeted, the steps businesses can take to manage the risk and how attacks might evolve to disrupt new technologies.

Learning Outcomes/Objectives:
The scale and frequency of denial of service attacks
Which industries are most likely to be targeted and why
The likely damage and disruption resulting from an attack
How organizations can assess the likelihood of being attacked
What organizations can do to mitigate the risk of disruption

Stephanie Benoit-Kurtz, Director of Cybersecurity, Station Casinos
Rob Sloan, Research Director, WSJ Pro, The Wall Street Journal

Who Can Attend:
Open only to vetted InfraGard members.