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IMA Webinar Broadcast: Ukraine SitRep Update-7

April 28, 2022 @ 9:00 am - 10:30 am PDT

Please Note: Due to the overwhelming response to this briefing, entry is first come, first served. We recommend you log in early.

This is another in our series of Ukraine Situation Reports (SitReps) to update us on what’s happening in Ukraine, potential next steps, and the potential implications for the U.S., particularly in Southern California. This will be a FREE event presented by Infragard Los Angeles for our Infragard members and others who work in critical infrastructure and key resource (CIKR) areas.
The FBI will be providing a Cyber Threat briefing as part of the event.

Hal Kempfer is a retired Marine Corps intelligence officer and CEO/Founder of Global Risk Intelligence and Planning. He is a long-time threat training expert used by both public and private sector organizations, especially InfraGard, and has been keeping our region and the nation informed on the latest developments through frequent on-air television news appearances. An expert on Russian military tactics, he brings a unique blend of military knowledge and commercial strategic risk assessment to explain this very dangerous and fast-changing situation and its potential impact to the U.S. Critical Infrastructure sectors.

Hal will be providing a series of “Ukraine Situation Reports” (SitReps) to update our membership on the latest developments, and what they mean or could mean for both the world and for all of us here at home. These events will have time allotted for participant Q&A at the end.

Who Can Attend:
Open to anyone.