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IMA Webinar Broadcast: Sanitization and Disposal of Media and Excess Information Technology Equipment

March 16, 2021 @ 11:30 am - 1:00 pm CDT

We will provide instructions to organizations on how to effectively sanitize hard drives and other electronic media. The NIST SP 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization were originally meant for government use, but are now commonly implemented by many private companies and organizations. By following the guidelines, organizations can feel confident they have taken the necessary steps to minimize the chances of their data being recovered by third parties. Media sanitization is the process of removing data stored on an electronic media device in a way that ensures it cannot be easily retrieved by third parties. After correctly sanitizing a device, the data that has been removed should be unrecoverable even with the assistance of advanced forensic tools. In addition to removing the files and folders from your electronic media device, the sanitization process will securely remove all Data Remanence.


Upon completion of this webinar, the attendee/student will be able to understand how to execute the three phases of of Media and IT Sanitization: Phase 1) Accountability and Logistics; Phase 2) De-manufacture and Risk Reduction; and Phase 3) Destruction and Disposal



Jaime-Maria Nelson, Corporate Security Manager & P2 SHRED Program Manager; System High Corporation

A retired Army SIGINT Professional who has been an Industrial Security Professional since 2009. She is a Special Access Program SME and has spent over 20 years working/supporting the SCI environments within DoD.


Who should attend:

Open to anyone. Particularly aimed toward all personnel who want to learn about the NIST requirement and the processes required to property dispose of Media and IT Equipment.