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IMA Webinar Broadcast: Opioid Trafficking & Effects on US Critical Infrastructure

September 20, 2022 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT

The opioid crisis has exploded in America, taking countless lives from little towns to our largest metropolitan cities. Illegal synthetic Fentanyl kills, and yet more and more of this dangerous drug is still on our streets. The opioid crisis has crossed over from prescription drugs to easily accessible street drugs all laced with some version of Fentanyl.
Hear from a high-ranking DEA Special Agent and Assistant Regional Director (ARD) about who is making this dangerous drug, where they manufacture it and how they are coming across our borders on a daily basis. Understand what the precursor chemicals are used to make Fentanyl and their origination, as well as to how they are falsely manifested, packaged and shipped. Understand which cartels are now thriving by replacing their Meth labs with Fentanyl labs and when they started making Fentanyl right across our border.
This course is an awareness level course for critical infrastructure sector security teams, law enforcement, intelligence analysts and military personnel on how to potentially identify possible trafficking and/or storage of Fentanyl or its precursor chemicals. Identifying indicators of mass storage and/or trafficking and the reporting mechanisms to Federal Law Enforcement will also be addressed.
Topics Covered:
1. Opioid facts & myths
2. Who manufactures Fentanyl?
3. Who traffics Fentanyl and how is it coming into the US?
4. How is fentanyl packaged, shipped/transported into the US?
5. Critical infrastructure sectors that may be affected by trafficking of Fentanyl and its precursors?
6. Dangers of contamination to critical infrastructure personnel. What to do if you suspect or come across large quantities of Fentanyl.
7. What to look out for when it comes to critical infrastructure sectors being utilized in the trafficking of drugs and/or Fentanyl.
8. Where and how to report suspicions of Fentanyl trafficking.

Terry Cole, CTWatch
Terry Cole, DEA Assistant Regional Director (ARD), Ret. Mr. Cole retired after 22 years as a high-ranking DEA Special Agent and worked in North America, Central America, Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Colombia, and Afghanistan during his career.

Who Can Attend:
Open to anyone

Target Audience:
Target audience are Critical Infrastructure Protection and Key Resource (CIKR) Partners, InfraGard members, Private Security stakeholders, US Military, Risk management professionals, Crime Analysts, Criminal Intelligence Analysts and Fusion Center partners and Federal, State, Tribal and Local law enforcement.