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IMA Webinar Broadcast: Infragard Series – Cryptocurrency Typologies and Trends

February 17, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

Join cryptocurrency forensic experts Chainalysis and New York Metro Infragard in this session, where we will:

-Identify the services that transact with cryptocurrencies today, including criminal enterprises, mining pools, exchanges, cryptocurrency ATMs, darknet marketplaces, and more.

-Analyze original data on crypto crime trends in 2020 and investigating how these entities interact with each other.

-Study case studies and examples for each typology, with an emphasis on risk and compliance.

This event is one three webinars in a series on cryptocurrency in cybercrime including ransomware and terrorist activity — feel free to register for all three webinars!


-Understand cryptocurrency services that support cyber crime including mining pools, exchanges, ATMs, darknet marketplaces, and more.

-Learn current trends in the use of cryptocurrency in cybercrime.

-Reinforce learning with case study examples.


Presenter:  Kevin Poorman, Training Manager, Chainalysis

Kevin Poorman is an experienced lecturer, trainer, and investigator. Prior to Chainalysis, he worked at the University of Alabama as a part-time instructor, teaching topics related to cybercriminology.

Who should attend: Open to anyone. Particularly aimed toward cybersecurity professionals, financial services professionals, cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts, and students of advanced technology.

Registration: https://events.chainalysis.com/infragard-virtual-event-series

Contact POC: Molly Saint, molly@chainalysis.com