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IMA Webinar Broadcast: ADVANCED SITUATIONAL AWARENESS (ASAT) during the Holiday Season

December 13, 2023 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm PST

Including a special briefing from the FBI on Retail Theft during the holidays. Situational awareness involves perceiving behaviors and environmental factors happening around you and how they can translate into threats. Most people don’t have a problem perceiving behaviors and environments but few know how to analyze the information you see to keep yourself, your family or even co-workers safe.

Advanced Situational Awareness was designed for military and law enforcement teams to increase situational awareness and make better decisions in times of stress or a threat. With new and emerging threats to workplaces, critical infrastructure facilities and while out in the general public it’s not just for the military or law enforcement anymore, but for everyone who is out and about while shopping, eating at restaurants or even simply taking a walk on the street. Adopting a tactical mindset, no matter the situation is crucial in surviving in today’s world.

This course will go over a variety of high-level behaviors and situations that you need to be aware of while you are at the workplace, at home and especially out in public with your friends and family.

• Planning
• Combative Emergencies (tactical considerations as a civilian)
• What is a Tactical Mindset
• OODA Loop
• Behavior and Environmental Indicators of Potential Threats
• Speeding Up Decision Making Under Stress and Anticipating your next Move (action vs reaction)


SME is a retired FBI SWAT team leader/Operator and L.A. FBI Firearms Instructor.

Who Can Attend:
Open only to InfraGard members and their guests.

Target Audience:
Critical Infrastructure Protection and Key Resource (CIKR) Partners, InfraGard members, US Military, law enforcement personnel.

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