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IMA Webinar Broadcast: Active Shooter (PAR) Preparation – Action – Recovery

March 3, 2022 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm PST

Mass shootings seem to be more prevalent nowadays. As the world focuses all its attention on the “why”, we must focus our attention on how we can better prepare ourselves, our critical infrastructure sectors and our communities alike. Learn about the latest statistics, the signs and pre-incident indicators (PII’s) of targeted violence, the OODA loop as well as options for consideration when faced with an active shooter incident. Hear from a retired FBI SWAT operator about what you can do to be better prepared (as an organization and as an individual) should you come face-to-face with an active assailant.
1. Latest statistics
2. The attack cycle
3. Pre-incident indicators (PII’s)
4. Situational awareness & The OODA loop
5. Workplace Violence & Prevention
6. The importance of Threat Management in the Disaster Management Cycle
7. Options for consideration (Run/Hide/Fight)

Subject Matter Expert (SME) #1 of CTWatch is a retired 25-year veteran Operations Officer from the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency. SME’s operational background includes Counter-Terrorism Operations.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) #2 of CTWatch retired from the FBI and some of his duties at the included working bank robberies, narcotics and gangs, surveillance and tactical planning.

Who Can Attend: 
Open to anyone.