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IMA Webinar Broadcast: Active Shooter P.A.R. (Preparation-Action-Recovery) Training

July 29, 2021 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm PDT

Los Angeles and CTWatch, Inc. present:
ActiveShooter P.A.R. (Preparation-Action-Recovery): Mass shootings are the not-so-new pandemic. In 2021 alone there have been 247 mass shootings in the United States – a record number compared to the past several years. As the world focuses all its attention on the “why”, we must focus our attention on “how” we can better prepare our critical infrastructure sectors and communities alike. Return to work unfortunately also means the returning to preparing our citizens on how to survive an active shooting. Learn about the signs and pre-incident indicators (PII’s), situational awareness, best practices on how to think “left-of-bang” and implement mitigating measures to make your organization more resilient to an active shooting. And finally learn about the recovery process
and business continuity post incident. (4 Hours Online). PART 1 – PREPARATION: INTELLIGENCE SME – Pre-Incident Indicators / behavioral indicators of potential subjects prior to a terrorism or criminal related incident & how to be situationally. PART 2 – ACTION: SWAT SME. Addresses run-hide-fight, PART 3 – RECOVERY. Business continuity and recovery process. Aware and prepare for such incidences.

Learn how to prepare for an active shooter scenario
Learn what to do if the situation occurs (i.e. run-hide-fight)
Learn how to recover and maintain business continuity

Robert Dougherty, Director of Intelligence, CT Watch
Mr. Dougherty brings an extensive intelligence background to C-T Watch, Inc’s Intelligence & Counter-Intelligence Training Program. Mr. Dougherty’s operational background includes Counter-Terrorism Operations.

Abe Ashabi, BHPD Intelligence and SWAT
Abe Ashabi recently retired from Beverly Hills Police Department and worked in the Intelligence Bureau as well as SWAT team.

Who Can Attend:
Open to anyone