2021 Awards



July 27, 2021

Washington DC

Contact: Kimberly Pratt, Executive Director, kpratt@infragarnational.org

The InfraGard National Members Alliance (INMA) is pleased to announce its 2021 Award Winners, as follows:


  • Linda Franklin National Achievement Memorial Award: Mary Lasky, Maryland IMA
  • Daniel Alfin FBI Private Sector Coordinator (PSC) of the Year: FBI Special Agent David Condo, Dayton IMA
  • DHS CISA Security Advisor of the Year: Antonio Enriquez, Wisconsin IMA
  • IMA Community Outreach: NY Metro InfraGard Members Alliance
  • IMA Leadership: Gary Haines, Springfield IMA
  • Sector Chief of the Year: Thomas Di Mascio, Los Angeles
  • Meeting the Challenge: Mark Ramsey, Connecticut
  • Public/Private Partnership :  Jennifer L. Harper, New Hampshire
  • Rookie of the Year: Bea Lich, El Paso IMA


Dan Alfin FBI Private Sector Coordinator of the Year
South Central: Miguel Clarke, North Texas
North Central: Jill Pettorelli, Chicago
Pacific: Kelly Decker, Los Angeles
Southeast: Mike Miller, Maryland
Northeast: Steven Wintonick, NY City Metro

IMA Community Outreach Award
South Central: El Paso IMA
Southeast: David Chen,  Tampa Bay

IMA Leadership Award
Midwest: Dr. Terry Oroszi, Dayton
Northeast: Chris A. Quintanilla, Philadelphia
Pacific: Justine Phillips, San Diego
South Central:   Eric J. Acosta, Louisiana
Southeast: Dr. Nikki Robinson, Maryland

Meeting the Challenge Award
North Central: Joseph Smith, Springfield
Pacific: Vik Ghai, San Francisco Bay Area
South Central: Tom Moreno, Houston
Southeast: Ebony Vaz, Tampa Bay

Public/Private Partnership Award
North Central: Timothy R. Gablehouse, Denver
Pacific: Philip Siegel, Los Angeles
Southeast: Jack Voth, Tampa Bay

Rookie of the Year
Midwest: Steven Solomon, Dayton
Northeast: Judy DeWolf, NY City Metro
Pacific: Kevin Le, San Francisco Bay Area

Sector Chief of the Year
North Central: Arvin Verma, Chicago
Northeast: Jennifer Gold,  NY City Metro
South Central: Angel E. Avila, El Paso

“On behalf of the InfraGard National Board of Directors, we congratulate these individuals and are grateful to them for their deep dedication to InfraGard and our mission. InfraGard is a volunteer driven organization, and our we enhance the protection and resilience of our critical infrastructure,” said Ivan Wolkind, Board Chair. “It is individuals such as these who help InfraGard stand out as the premier public-private partnership working to increase our nation’s security.”

For more information about InfraGard and these awards, click here.

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