FBI/InfraGard Partnership 1996-2021

InfraGard – Congratulations on 25 Years of Service

Twenty-five years ago, the InfraGard program was created by only a small group of FBI agents from the Cleveland Field Office and willing members of the community. Working together, the group sought out to bridge the technology gap between the FBI’s cyber investigations and the private sector, and to better protect our cyber critical infrastructure. Today, InfraGard’s membership is comprised of thousands of individuals who help protect all 16 critical infrastructures nationwide.Thanks to your spirit of volunteerism over the years, InfraGard has provided exceptional knowledge, information, and assistance to FBI investigations. As InfraGard members, you have served as an invaluable resource to protect the American public. On behalf of the FBI, thank you for your dedicated service and continued partnership. Congratulations on 25 years!”

Director Christopher Wray’s Statement in Celebration of InfraGard’s 25th Anniversary

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